Welcome to my Dancercise!

My name is Tricia and I have always been passionate about dancing. For me it is the key to happiness as well as to maintaining flexibility and fitness; most definitely "the happy way to get fit!"


 Dancercise classes are suitable for most people including beginners and give a workout of low to medium intensity.        The classes involve easy-to-follow routines set to a wide variety of great music such as the Charleston and salsa as well as current pop favourites.  Classes are suitable for those who have no natural ability or experience of dance, alongside those who do.  Age is of no consequence; the classes are for anyone of reasonable fitness.


Dance is proven to be a great way of maintaining and developing fitness through greater stamina levels,  flexibility, balance and coordination. It is also helps maintain your mental agility as well as reducing stress levels and promoting a sense of well-being.

 Most importantly the classes are sociable, friendly and FUN!


"I loved your class! Thank you, it's so fun and relaxed and everyone was very welcoming"

(says Pamela from Nailsworth.)




Call Tricia on 01453 872185 for more information